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Malaak Compton-Rock, Sealed With a Cure, fight triple negative breast cancer



It's one of the most aggressive, deadly and hardest to treat breast cancers on the planet. Yet unless you're medically savvy you've probably never heard of triple negative breast cancer.

Philanthropist Malaak Compton-Rock, mother of three and wife to funny-man Chris Rock, is trying to change that - with the help of a fabulous new lip gloss.

Malaak headshot new(Malaak Compton-Rock)

Recently Compton-Rock, a founding member of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Purple Lab cosmetics teamed up to create Sealed With a Cure, a soft pink gloss jam packed with natural mood-boosting ingredients like vanilla, peptides and echinacea. Twenty percent of the proceeds made from sales of the lip gloss will go to triple negative research.

 Here's what Compton-Rock had to say about her latest cause.

DD: So with all your philanthropic work, (Compton-Rock works extensively with inner city youth and organizations in Africa) you've added yet another cause, why do this now?

Malaak: This is a very personal cause. Nancy Block-Zenna, a neighbor of mine right outside of New York in Bergen County, N.J., was diagnosed with the disease. We had lots of mutual friends and our children attended camp together. When she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, I like a lot of friends, had never heard of this type of cancer. And I assumed that because she had access to the best care she'd have a good chance of fighting this cancer. However, into her treatment, it began to spread instead of going into remission. We then learned she was triple negative. So a few of us started to do research and nobody could find any information. This was four years ago. It was Nancy's life wish that we start a foundation in order to raise awareness and raise money for research. I offered to host the first ever "Peace, Love and a Cure" fundraiser at my home which raised about $230,000. That allowed us to start the foundation. We had the event in June, she passed away in August. But she passed away knowing that she had helped creating a forum for women.

DD: What makes triple negative breast cancer different than other forms? 

Malaak:Triple negative means that you're negative for the three main receptors used for treatment: estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2). The most successful treatments for breast cancer target these receptors, which will allow you to take advantage of some of these great new treatments. When you're triple negative, you don't have those receptors, hence there is no target treatment. The only treatment right now for triple negative is classic chemo and surgery. There are also some clinical trials that are out there, some are listed on our Web site.

DD: Whose predominately affected by triple negative?

Malaak: African-American women, Hispanic women and young white women (under the age of 50.)

DD: Why haven't we heard more about this form of breast cancer?

Malaak: Because every year we learn more and more about breast cancer in general. Triple negative is rare. However, it's one of the most virtulent types of breast cancers that you can get without any real pointed treatment. If you're African-American and diagnosed, you should find out immediately because you could be triple negative. If you're white and young, you have a very high chance of being triple negative.

DD: Tell us about Sealed With a Cure lip gloss ... do you use it?   SWAC_2

Malaak: Yes! what's so interesting about the lip gloss is not only does it look great on everybody, it has immune system boosting ingredients. There's the vanilla scent, which we know is uplifting. There's peptides in it and it feels good on our lips too. When we feel good and feel that we look nice that enhances us emotionally. I think it' a great partnership.

DD: What is your ultimate goal in this partnership?

Malaak: Our ultimate goal is for this company to be successful, for people to understand the need to exercises their consumer power. Through this partnership the money raised is going to help our foundation. We want women to know what triple negative breast cancer is ... We want women to stop saying "what is that?"

DD: So what are some of your other favorite beauty products?

Malaak: I use Bobby Brown's lip gloss. I love the foundation too, which I use as a concealer. And a new favorite lipstick that I just got on Saturday is this new line by Shiseido called Clé de Peau Beauté.

DD: So, thoughts on your husbands new movie Good Hair? Do you think he revealed some of our dirty little hair secrets?

Malaak: I think the movie is a love story to my girls. And sure it uncovers stuff ... stuff that I didn't even know, but ultimately when I watched the movie I see a person at the end who is saying, be happy with what God gave you and be comfortable with your looks. Whether you want to be natural or enhance ... whatever it is - be happy!

DD: In closing what would you like to share that I may have forgotten?

Malaak: I want people to spread the message about breast cancer everyday and every month - not just in October. Do your self breast exams, spread the word and support nonprofits.

For more information on Malaak Compton-Rock's philanthropic efforts, check out the Angel Rock Project.

Deal Diva Nicole 

(Photos courtesy of Malaak Compton-Rock and Purple Lab cosmetics)

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