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Mango was a bad choice



Mango_madness_2 On today's installment of "Things That Will Make You Leave Seething Comments," let's discuss the elephant in the Pepsi Center: THE MANGO SUIT. Listen - this has nothing to do with Hil's politics or her worthiness as a woman. But on a fashion blog, it can't go unsaid.

Mango is a beyotch.

Like pale peach and yellow, it's really hard to pull off. If you're fair, you're gonna look jaundiced and dying. In my pasty family, we learn this early. As a child, I used to point to peachy shirts. "It's pretty!" I'd chirp, wide, innocent eyes, epic Casper skin. My all-knowing mother would chuckle and hold the tepid citrus-melon-mauve nightmare to her face. I'd recoil in terror, sob a thousand tears and run to the rack of turquoise for refuge.

Com'n Hil. It's your big moment. Howzabout purple? Fuchsia? Teal? Something more saturated? For the love of Pete, you chose an iced orange scone from Panera. There's not enough bronzer on the planet to make it OK.

Paradise_necklace That said, I loved her necklace, three strands of gold with citrine, amethyst and blue topaz made by Marco Bicego. Soft, feminine, an unexpected alternative to pearls. Nice pick!

In the spirit of democracy, here's what the other Divas thought of her suit:

Colleen: The necklace is lovely, but oy, that pant suit was way too much! I think orange is a color that's pretty tough to do all over, no? She should at least have broken up the jacket with some black or brown pants.

Letitia: I thought Hillary looked fabulous against the blue background. The New York Times had a photo today of her advisors holding various colors of jackets against the stage lights, and it's easy to see why they picked orange.

Nicole: Clinton's suit was too monochromatic for me. I would have enjoyed seeing a jazzier shell underneath. Now, Chelsea. She stole the show. She looked young, feminine and fresh in her tailored black suit.

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: Getty, Marco Bicego

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