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Mascara throwdown, redux!



Mascarahands_2There are certain things that require intense debate. International policy. Health care reform. Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady (Go 18!)

And, mascara.

Remember last month, when we told you Cover Girl Lash Blast was the baddest B on the block? Not everyone agreed.

I partook in a heavy mascara discussion at a party the night I posted that, instantly clearing all y-chromosomes from the room. And the next day, a co-worker insisted that Lash Blast was clumpy and and had all the subtlety of RuPaul on Christmas.Lashstash_2

For finicky blinkers, I present this: The Sephora Lash Stash. It's $28, and it includes seven different brands to try.  These run a little pricier than drug store brands, but it's a steal if you find one that eliminates Pan's Labyrinth peeper-itis.

FYI, there's a Sephora in International Plaza.

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

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