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Meggings: Ummmm or Mmm-mm-good?



When Conan rocked them for a night, waaaaaaay back in December 2010, we chalked it up to a joke that would never catch on.

But recent news reports show they’re popping up on high-fashion runways ... and making many of us want to run away.

The fashion faux pas in question? Brace yourself, my friends, for none other than the ‘megging’ – short for ‘male leggings.’


Traditionally reserved for the ballet studio, meggings are turning up more frequently on celebrities, the racks of stores like Barneys and Nordstrom, and regular Joes strutting the streets of Manhattan, reports The Telegraph and Business Insider.

"Male tights are so much more comfortable than skinny jeans," one New Yorker was quoted, adding: "There are so many people wearing exotic clothes in New York that nobody cares about a man wearing leggings if it works for him.”

Top male editors at GQ, Esquire, Vanity Fair and Glamour are all split on whether meggings are just a gimmick or a legitimate trend with staying power, reports Yahoo Shine.


The concept also led to debate right here in the newsroom: What do you wear with them -- tunics, shorts, formal button-down shirts? Do meggings require ditching the traditional boxers or briefs in favor of something more ... panty-line friendly ... thus, negating the comfort factor? And what about equality of the sexes -- women can wear ties and cummerbunds, so what's wrong with men embracing a little piece of women's fashion?

But don’t worry, fellas. If meggings aren’t your thing, a new garment that takes the opposite tack has also been getting some press lately.

junkjeans.jpgThey’re called ‘Junk Jeans’, and feature a spacious button-adorned pouch intended to ease crotch crunch.

I’ve not independently verified the seriousness of this product. But an interview posted on Fashionista suggests that the Florida-based creators of The Hot Child company were careful in considering the market for manhood relief.

I’m gonna go ahead and say no, noooooo, No, NO and N-O! to both of these. But I wanna hear from you guys.

Men, would you wear either meggings or Junk Jeans? Ladies, would you be seen in public with a guy who’s wearing them?

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[Last modified: Monday, December 17, 2012 6:25pm]


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