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Michelle Phan: YouTube makeup guru, honorary Deal Diva



I interviewed YouTube celeb and local girl Michelle Phan for a big profile that ran in the Floridian section of the St. Petersburg Times Sunday. Michelle is 22, and she's one of the leading makeup gurus on YouTube, demonstrating beauty and style tips for more than 230,000 subscribers around the world. Her videos are like crack.

Check out the full story here. Here's Michelle's pic.

Michelle phan

Times camera whiz Cat Stuart made her own awesome video report to accompany the story, so check that out, too. And as a special treat for you blogheads, I've picked out Michelle Phan's top five videos for Divas who like a Deal (a.k.a., poor people like you and me).

1. You find a pair of shoes you love! They're ten bucks! You will die without them! But BALLS APLENTY, they're a half-size too small. Well, fret not. In this video, Michelle Phan teaches us how to stretch shoes with ice.

2. A disgusting guy gives you his business card at a bar. He sells stereo equipment and has offered to "hook up your ride." You want to die. In this video, transform his cheap come-on into a handy mascara stencil!

3. You've been heat-styling your hair for approximately 25 years, and it looks like a yard of dry autumn raffia from Michael's Arts and Crafts. But dangit, you still want curls. In this video, Michelle Phan shows us how to achieve ye olde paper bag curls of yesteryear.

4. Your favorite skin care product costs a month's pay. Times are hard, and you need to save for shoes. In this video, Michelle Phan lops the top off a tomato, dips it in sugar and gets to scrubbing her dreamy skin. She finishes with a delish salad!

5. Lip gloss tubes are piling up in your makeup bag. You can SEE that there's still gloss left in the tube, but ARGH, it's stuck to die a sad death in the bottom. In this video, Michelle Phan melts the gloss to freedom with a coffee mug in her microwave.

Check out all Michelle Phan's videos right here.

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: Lara Cerri, Times Staff

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:19pm]


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