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More shoe sales, this time at Nordstrom Rack



korsshoes.jpgAs long as we're sending you into the weekend with talk of shoes, I should tell you that I was in Nordstrom Rack yesterday and noticed a ton of shoes that were 35 percent off, landing some pretty expensive shoes at more reasonable prices. Was this a special promotion? I asked an employee, who said it's an ongoing sale that rotates based on the color of stickers. Right now, a ton on of sandaly stuff is on the sale, presumably because it's out of season. But in Florida, who cares? We'll be back in our sandals by Sunday.  

It took all my willpower not to pick up these Michael Kors platform sandals, on sale for about $50. I had with me my Groupon good for that exact amount. But I abstained, thinking I'll really need something with that Groupon before Christmas.  I'm really proud, but there's an empty place in my heart for those shoes.

I wonder if they're still there....

Deal Diva Stephanie

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