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My Outfit Monday: Cleaning out the clearance racks



photo_1.jpgThis morning when I asked my BFF to take my pic, he looked at me and was like, "Um, aren't you off today?" 

Me (in a sufficiently shrill tone): "Yes, but it's MY MONDAY!"

Sigh. See what I do for you guys?

I COULD have just taken a blurry pic of myself in my embarrassing zany pink animal print leggings and slouchy T-shirt, but who wants to see that?

(Don't answer that.)

Instead, I decided to actually get up and show you what I WOULD wear if I was in the office today. In fact, I love it so much I'm probably going to wear it tomorrow, for real. 

Talk about advanced planning. I feel so organized!

Anyway, let's can call this look, "What happens when you go to Target on an empty stomach." 


Ok, maybe my stomach wasn't exactly empty, per se. But when I bought this outfit recently, I'd just come from a great yoga workout, was feeling good (and a little hungry), and had an extra $20 in my pocket thanks to a return I had to make at -- you guessed it --- Target.

So of course after I returned my items, I couldn't resist browsing around a little, totally ignoring the little voice inside my head that said, "It's a trap! It's a trap! Turn around and go home!"

Alas, it was too late. I'd already spotted the universal beacon of hope: the red "Sale" sign. 

Let me pause here for a public service announcement: For those of you who haven't been to Target in a couple days or weeks, get over there now.

It's having one of those after-season purge sales, and there is TONS of clearance in multiple departments. We're talking stuff that's 30, 50 and 70 percent off! GO. NOW.


OK, back to my outfit.

The blouse, which I loved as soon as I saw it, is covered in a tiny pink, purple and red flowers against a mustard-colored background. It was $13.98. (I think I've told you guys this before, but I'm picky about prints, even though I fully recognize I need to incorporate more into my wardrobe. So this is progress.)

Moving down, the navy pencil skirt, which has subtle stitching down the sides, was $9.98. And the fuchsia shoes, with the fun gold tips, were $16.98.

What do y'all think? Good enough to wear tomorrow, or should I rethink my game plan? Any thoughts on accessories I should put with it, or is the pattern enough?

-Deal Diva Kameel

[Last modified: Monday, January 21, 2013 12:09pm]


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