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My Outfit Monday: Fallin' for orange



momfallphoto.jpgGoooooood morning!

I know what's on your mind. "What is Deal Diva Kameel wearing today?" Lucky for you, it's my Monday to show you :-)

So here I am. We'll dissect my outfit in a moment.

But first, a backstory. 

So last month, I took a much-needed vacation back to my home state, my alma mater, my roots. I spent a week traversing Michigan. It was glorious.

It was like getting a sneak peek of the gorgeous weather we had down here this past weekend (minus the palm trees and lizards.)

Naturally, I went shopping. And while in one of my absolute favorite stores, Maurices, I fell in love with a pumpkin-colored blazer.


(The stores up there have had their fall-themed items out forever.)

It felt smooth and fit perfectly and had a ruffle-detail in the back. Only problem was that the blazer, while adorable and perfect, was a cool $49

This Deal Diva was not willing to go there -- even though I knew I wouldn't be able to find it when I got home because there aren't any locations in Florida. 


For the past several weeks, I've held out hope that A) Maurices would offer a good enough sale that I could scoop up the blazer online; or B) I would find a good alternate somewhere else this fall

Option B came through - in a big way. 

Two Sundays ago, I was in Sunshine Thrift and spotted an orange blazer. It wasn't the same shade as the Michigan blazer, (described as "rusted red" on Maurices site), OR have ruffles but ... good enough.

Price tag? $3.95. Uh-mazing.


In fact, I'm in love all over again. It's lighter (in weight) than the Maurices one, and has a cool, chunky button. 

I've been super excited to debut it, and after this past weekend's cooler temps, I knew today was my chance. 

I paired it with a high-waist grey skirt from Forever 21, a cream blouse that I got from a thrift store, and my favorite suede pumps I got from earlier this year from Kohl's, which you guys have seen before. 


And, to tie it all together (literally). I looped a 99 cent scarf (also from Sunshine Thrift) around my waist. Coincidentally, ties in all the colors of the rest of the outfit, plus had a touch of purple in the pattern.

I opted against a necklace. The bodice of the blouse is embellished enough, no?

What do you guys think?

-Deal Diva Kameel

(Photos: my iPhone and



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