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My Outfit Monday: A hair-raising Super Bowl look



Today's My Outfit Monday is full of lies. For starters, I'm showing you something from Sunday, not Monday. Also, I'm not really even showing you an outfit. But it is the morning after the Super Bowl, and most of us don't even know where we are or how we got there. Let's just roll with it.

I spent all day Sunday cleaning up around the house and making some delicious dips in advance of the big Beyonce concert. I decided it was a good time to mess around with some old-fashioned hair art. Ladies have been pin-curling their hair since at least the 1920s to varying results. I've personally experimented with wet-to-dry styling since the 1980s, sleeping on wet braids and waking up crimped. I'd done pin curls before so I felt pretty comfortable with it. And if it was a disaster, at least I didn't have to go anywhere.

After a slow morning of Honey Bunches of Oats and House Hunters, I got up the strength to get started. I washed my hair, opting out of conditioners and leave-ins that would make it too smooth. I think hair needs to be a little angry to accept a curl. Mine does, at least. I dried my hair about halfway and then started rolling it into little sections and twisting them into coils on my head. Then I secured the coils with one to two bobby pins each. Please pardon my roots.


I set the dryer to low and went over my whole head again. I wanted to rush the process a bit since I would be taking them out in just about five hours. If you can stand sleeping on them, wearing the pins overnight can drive the point home.


I gave it a light misting of hairspray and went about my day. I walked the dog, looking only slightly less crazy than the proverbial woman in curlers. I cleaned and packed for my upcoming move. I made things with cheese. About 5 p.m. it was time to unleash the beast.

Now, here's the thing. Hair tomfoolery comes out different every time. It depends on a slew of factors, including how neatly you wind the curls, how long you let them sit, the weather outside, your menstrual cycle, the moon in Aries, whether or not you splattered cheese on your head while cooking. You can try, but there's really no telling how it's going to look. Of course, I hoped for this:


I did not get that.

What I got was some messy version of Melanie Griffith in Working Girl.


The curls were more z-shaped than perfect cylinders. Still, I've learned over the years that the key is not to panic and immediately reach for a ponytail holder. You must work with the hair, let it speak to you, follow it to a good place. I pushed it around and poofed it up and topped it with a leopard headband I picked up at a CVS drug store recently. It was large and in charge, which I decided was a good tribute to Beyonce.


I was pretty happy with it. It felt bushy and bright for a Sunday night at home. And hey, you can see the top of my outfit there! I wore a Diet Coke T-shirt (MY favorite team), and a Zara cardigan with some old Levis and polka dot socks. Comfy cozy.

The moral of the story? Don't fear playing with your own hair, especially if you are very sure you don't have to leave the house.

How was everyone's Super Bowl Sunday?

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photos: My phone, Times files

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