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My Outfit Monday: Hair today...

(For today's My Outfit Monday, you're in for a treat. Guest Deal Diva Marissa just went to great lengths transforming her look for the summer. She went bold, and we LOVE it. Without further ado, check her out!)

Stability freaks me out. Consistency bores me. I have trouble buying furniture because a couch feels like a cushy metaphor for permanence.

But change? Change I can handle.

And last week, I had an overwhelming urge for some real, dramatic change. I don't think that feeling is unique to me. A lot of people go through a phase when they know they need to change something, but what? New wardrobe? New car? New job? Tattoo? I decided to cut all my hair off.

Hair is something that's not only relatively easy to change, but it's also something that will eventually remedy itself if things go horribly, horribly wrong. With this in mind, I hit the internet for inspiration. What I found was short hair -- everywhere. There are entire websites devoted to mermaids turned pixies. Seemed to me like the universe was trying to tell me something: go short or go home.

I began to collect images of the kind of cut I wanted, paying particular attention to face shape and length. I called around to my friends for stylist references (prior to this, I had been getting my hair trimmed at the Aveda Institute in St. Petersburg at $12 for a cut, wash and massage) and made an appointment.

I walked into Level One Salon in Hyde Park, a favorite of Deal Diva Kim, on Friday afternoon with hair down to my mid-back.

marissa1_1.jpgWhen I told my assigned stylist Ronnie that I wanted it all gone, he balked.

"You didn't just break up with your boyfriend or something did you?" he asked.

After I assured him that I was emotionally stable and dead-set on a pixie, he made me promise one more thing: "No tears." And with that, he cut off 16 inches of my hair.


















Long layers in the front, short razor-cut in the back, it's exactly the kind of change I wanted. And I get to donate the long locks I lost to someone who really needs it. Here's the before and after:













And today is my new look's debut at work.

I decided to pair the short, boyish hair with a very feminine yellow eyelet dress I found on the clearance rack at Forever 21 ($18.99), a bright blue blazer that has become a staple of my work attire H&M ($24.95), and black flats I've had forever and no longer know where they come from.



















Guest Deal Diva Marissa

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