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My Outfit Monday: The one about how great Deal Divas think alike



turquoise.jpgI could not have asked for a better work twin this morning.

For reasons unknown, Deal Diva Kameel and I chose the same approach to this, erm, fine Monday morning (which, for me, began with dropping a new crate of blueberries onto the kitchen floor and declaring, "That's it, I'm never trying to pack healthful snacks again.").

Here we punched up basic black and white hues with seriously bright turquoise tops.

This post was supposed to be an ode to Target, where I purchased the patent round-toed heels and dress. Then Kameel rolled in looking like my wardrobe double and threw everything off (in a great, choice-affirming way).

Kameel explains via GChat: "I just wanted to start the week off with something bright and fun. But not go too crazy b.c after all, it IS still Monday."

Yes, what she said.

Another note about the heels. People, call a cobbler when your heels get worn down to the screw (clank, clank, clank). For about $7, these heels are shiny again and walking like new. I couldn't wait to wear them this morning. Thanks for the intel, former Deal Diva Emily

You know how Deal Diva Stephanie has a fetish for Zara grandpa sweaters? I'm like that with Old Navy cardigans. I think I got this for under $10.

I'm also kind of like that with affordable jewelry from St. Pete's All Sewn Up boutique.

Exhibit A: hot air balloon necklace. Exhibit B: this octopus ring.


Any other inadvertent work twins/cobbler lovers out there? Do tell.

 Deal Diva Katie

 Photos: Taken on my iPhone by departing Times intern Alli.

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