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My Outfit Monday: Outfits around the world!



Hey, long lost diva friends! I'm back from two weeks of globe trotting to Seoul, South Korea, bookended by Sonoma Valley and San Francisco. It was a MUCH NEEDED respite from the daily grind, and I'm feeling pretty refreshed, if a little (OK, A LOT) jet lagged.

I thought I'd share some of my vacation outfits with you on this fine My Outfit Monday. I had to pack for two weeks, and as you know, the airlines charge approximately $6 billion per bag these days, so I ended up repeating outfits a bit. Here's a sampling.



Before you assume I'm rolling around in a bed of money at night, I should tell you we planned this trip for about a year and started a savings account for it. I rented our Sonoma vacation house on Living Social and we stayed with our amazing family/friends in Seoul. Now, I'm even poorer than before, but it's worth it. Well then, pauper journalist disclaimer out of the way, I will tell you about my clothes.

Above, I am at The Girl and the Fig, a wonderful restaurant in Sonoma. I'm wearing a blue sweater from Target and one of my beloved SCANKETS from the $10 airport shop. Read the link for a full explanation. You'll want your own. Notice how I accessorized with puffy eyes. Thanks, air travel!

Another wine country outfit.


I just realized I'm wearing pretty much all things I've blogged about before. Man, I really tell you guys a lot. Those boots are the Aerosoles babies I did a blood battle to the death for this season. I spiced them up with some boot socks. I'm so into boot socks right now! They're on major sale at Target as they swap out the seasons. My treasured black jeggings are from Nordstrom and my sweater is Zara, in my favorite style. Remember how I went on a manic hunt for it that one time? You'll notice another wine glass in my hand. Get used to it.

Seoul, South Korea

Our homies have been living in Seoul for a couple years now, and it might end soon. It was a perfect chance to go somewhere I'd probably never otherwise go. I'm so glad we made it happen. It was an incredible time.

Some notes on Seoul fashion. The girls there are OBSESSED, I mean OBSESSED with black tights. They pair them with shorts, with skirts, with short pants, with no pants. It's rare you'll walk past a young lady and not see black tights. My friend Liz tells me they dress exactly the same in the summer on the beach, which is funny. I happen to love black tights, so I think they looked adorable. Unforch, I didn't bring any. Also hot - short bobs, blunt bangs, towering heels. For guys, it's whiskered jeans and cute, preppy sweaters.

We visited the DMZ, the South Korea-North Korea border. It was an absolutely stunning experience.  I could talk about it all day, but I will spare you the socio-political details on the fashion blog.


Here I am at one of the tour stops making some new friends, dressed for comfort in a Macy's sweater, skinny jeans from New York & Company, red Converse Chuck Taylors and a little knit beanie I've had forever.

Say, did you lose some pounds? Because I found them. We did not stop eating for two weeks straight. I was at the gym at 7:30 a.m. today trying to make it right, but it'll take some time, many salad leaves, etc. Here is one such indulgence. Gelato in rice, green tea and sweet cheese (OMG SO GOOD) flavors.


The leopard sweater is from Forever 21, over a Target blouse. My necklace is New York & Company, and I picked up the bracelet in Sonoma. It was handmade in Guatemala.

Just hanging out at a Korean palace, NBD.


Remember this $12 coat? I bought it from Macy's especially for the trip. I got the gray skinny jeans at New York & Company on a BOGO sale with the other ones pictured above, except these were $5 more. I almost had a conniption fit at the register. They're EXACTLY the same, except they're gray. I hate when stores do stuff like that. The cashier was not interested in my dramatics.

Ready for the piece de resistance?


LEOPARD VEST. I snagged this lovely furry item at Second Image thrift store a few months back. $3.99! I obviously had to have it. My beige sweater is from... oh man, I can't remember. The jet lag. Seriously.

San Francisco

We just had one full day to explore the city before heading back to Tampa. The temps in San Fran were a bit warmer than the temps in Seoul, so I could retire the heavy Macy's coat and trade it for a blazer from Target (lots of Target wear on this trip).


Please welcome back the skinny jeans (they were skinnier before walking all day) and the boots! I picked up the necklace at a street market in Korea. It is loud and over the top.


(Shown here with bonus brownie.) This necklace was a strategic move. That way, when people compliment me on it, I can be all, "OH THIS? I JUST PICKED IT UP IN SEOUL." Really loud. In all caps.

How were my vacation outfits? I think I did alright for having crammed a bunch of stuff in a suitcase with my fist at the last second. Thanks for looking at my vacation photos. It's just like the 1950s, and I invited you over for Jell-O mold and a slideshow!

I really want to tell you about the extreme price haggling that goes on in Korea, and share a personal success story, but I will do it in another post so as not to overwhelm this one. Stay tuned for that. While shopping in that country I just kept thinking of you, fair Deal Divas. You would fit right in.

Deal Diva Stephanie

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