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My Outfit Monday: Polka dots, checks and stripes -- yikes!




photo_4.jpgThis probably wasn't meant to be taken as a compliment: "Marissa... You're going to give me a (expletive) seizure."

Those are words from my editor the first time I wore this skirt to work. He took one look at me and balked. I beamed.

See, I had just bought this exciting piece of patterned wonder at Buffalo Gal Vintage. It's from the 1970s, and it was on sale for something like $18. I couldn't resist. 

Ever since, it's been my go-to piece when I need a pick-me-up or want to liven up my day. It's so bright! So colorful! So... spastic!

Anyone remember that children's song Polka Dots Checks and Stripes by Parachute Express? No? I'm alone here? Ok. Well, the chorus goes "Polka dots, checks and stripes -- YIKES!" 

I'm pretty sure this was the skirt they're singing about.

Checkerboard patters mingle with color-blocked triangles of red, blue, yellow and orange as circles dance across pleats, swirls wrap around lines and waves and polka dots criss-cross over stripes.

Is it too much? Maybe. But I find the key to bright colors and crazy patterns is temperance.

Given how bright this skirt is on its own, you really can't pair it with much other than solid colors. Preferably something simple and unobtrusive, like whites or blacks. Anything else might leave you looking like a one-woman optical illusion.

photo_5.jpgToday, I'm wearing the skirt with a black scoop-neck T-shirt with a cropped cardigan ($2 at Sunshine Thrift), elastic belt, black tights and -- because I know how popular these are among all you Divas out there -- shooties!

This pair is black with a knot detail on the side that I really like. They were half off at Payless, bringing them down to $15. Here's a closeup: 

What do you think? Has my skirt sent you into color shock? Hate the shoes? Have I turned you into a shootie convert yet? Let's hear it!



- Deal Diva Marissa


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