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My Outfit Monday: Trying to stay on beat



I'm always a little off-kilter on Mondays. Luckily, I'm also off of work, which means no one but me, the boyfriend and the dog have to put up with my silliness. img_1517.jpeg

Oh, and you guys too. 

Happy My Outfit Monday, "Hallway Edition!"

Yep, for the first time, you guys get to see my hallway (go ahead, I'll wait while you admire the blank white wall next to me ;-). I figured you were getting tired of my "studio -- *ahem, cough cough, my porch, cough cough.*

I know, I know, the real star today is my Boston Terrier, Rocco, who obviously did not care AT ALL that I was in the middle of a very important photo shoot. He just HAD to show off his new blue collar. *Sigh* We're working on his manners.

But let's dissect MY outfit. 

I got the shirt, which is screaming "Don't Stop the Music," from ... shoot, I can't remember. I think it was a thrift store...Salvation Army, perhaps. (See, there's the Monday Effect again). 

I DO remember where the skirt came from. Old Navy, $15, a few years ago. I have gray one just like it. They're great for lounging around, running errands, but can still be dressed up if the occasion calls for that.

The olive green bead cuffs are a mystery. I think I may have stolen them from my mom's jewelry box years ago...

Deal Diva Kameel

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