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No new clothes for a year? No way!



There's an anti-shopping movement afoot. Small but growing, The Great American Apparel Diet consists of women (and at least one man!) who are tired of overspending and consumerism and worried about the environment.

They have pledged to go one year without buying any new clothes. A FULL YEAR!!! (There are some exceptions -- participants can accept clothing gifts and buy new underwear, shoes and accessories to keep their wardrobes feeling fresh.)

First, let me say I applaud and admire them. Spending beyond our means is part of what got our country into this financial mess. Finding ways to curb our consumption is a really good thing, and I appreciate that the Apparel Diet group isn't preachy and is honest about their goal being a tough one.

Next, I must confess there is absolutely no way I could do this. No freakin' way! Despite my role as a writer on this blog, I actually don't shop that much. For the most part, I avoid buying crap I don't need just because it's cheap. My closet is filled with a lot of staples that I reinvent and re-wear year after year.

But sometimes, I need a shot of retail therapy stat. And I don't feel guilty about that. Not one little bit. I won't buy clothes before I save for retirement or pay the rent, but I will purchase a few things that I really love now and then to keep my spirits up and make myself feel pretty.

So peeps, could you go a year without buying new duds? Would you? Have you?

Deal Diva Colleen

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:25pm]


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