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An obituary for discontinued Maybelline Pure Makeup



purefoundation.jpgIn loving memory...

Maybelline Pure Makeup passed from this world and ascended to cosmetics heaven recently. After an extended absence from store shelves, the product's website went blank and the Internet started murmuring of its untimely death.

Maybelline Pure, a light, affordable foundation formulated with 50 percent water, was beloved by many citizens of beauty, including a VERY DISGRUNTLED DEAL DIVA. It applied smooth and covered completely, the high water content eliminating the gloppy, circus-like hatefulness of most foundations. It smelled clean, too, void of the heinous, chalky chemical odor possessed by so many of its pimple-making contemporaries.

Pure's hobbies included tennis, poetry slams and making women's faces look even and wonderful. Pure is survived by a whole bunch of products that no one cares about. Many foundations have tried to follow in Pure's footsteps, but CERTAIN PEOPLE LIKE SOME DEAL DIVAS have not yet found a suitable replacement, in mind, body or spirit.

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Deal Diva Stephanie

[Last modified: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 6:32pm]


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