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Obsessive folding? Blame Gap



Foldedjeans Do you fold your clothes like soldiers make their beds, with perfect corners and wrinkle-free?

Turns out, you're not alone.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there is a large posse of recovering retail employees among us, people who spent their summer and holiday breaks working at stores like Gap and now can't seem to kick their habit of obsessively folding everything just so. (Click on the WSJ link to watch a demonstration of the proper Gap jeans fold.) They are driving their spouses crazy with their compulsion, getting laughed at by friends and eyeballed by fellow shoppers who mistake them for a current employee as their refold everything on a messy display table.

Really? After spending one Christmas break working at Gap in college, I never wanted to fold another table of jeans again. With the constant crush of holiday shoppers, keeping the displays neat was a losing battle.

Anywho, sounds like there is hope for the next generation of retail employees. The WSJ reports that execs at Gap and other chains have spent a lot of time recently mulling over whether it is better to fold or to hang, with the latter option giving a more boutique look and better showing off unique styles.

For those of you still obsessing, check out folding-aid products like FlipFold and Mobilefold. Then you can blame Gap for your habit, and me for enabling it.

~ Deal Diva Colleen

(Photo: Times archives) 

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:09pm]


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