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Pajama Jeans: We're not making this up



Pajamajeans I can't decide if Pajama Jeans are a brilliant invention or one of the more ridiculous things I've recently come across.

I think I'm leaning toward the latter.

First, check out this Web site and its accompanying video, which another blogger aptly described as a candidate for a Saturday Night Live commercial. Then, consider this Pajama Jeans slogan: "Pajamas you live in, jeans you sleep in." Makes me want to gag on my just-delivered Thin Mint cookies.

But move beyond the cheese, and I wonder, do these part cotton-part spandex wonders actually pull off the seemingly impossible? Can one pair of pants really pass as both proper public attire and comfy sleepwear?

The skeptic in me says that the advertised stitching, back pocket designs and brass rivets aren't going to fool anyone. They'll either look like bad jeans or random sweats. (The Web infomercial drools that "they look too good to keep hidden under the covers." Oh dear.)

Is it too much to ask people to wear real pants when they leave the house? Sure, we've all had those roll-out-of-bed, throw-on-a-ballcap shopping trips, but swapping PJs for a pair of jeans doesn't take that much energy. And it promotes cleanliness, of which I'm also a fan.

To be fair, however, I haven't shelled out the $39.95 to try Pajama Jeans. Am I missing out on the Holy Grail of pants or am I right to think, Holy Crud, someone actually believes these things are gonna sell?

Deal Diva Colleen

(Photo: The $39.95 price tag will get you the sweats-jeans pants AND the gray tee. Who's in?)

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