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Palin for Halloween? You betcha!



Kate_palin1Every four years, we the people of the United States of Hysteria elect a new leader just days after Halloween, the anthropological enigma where sane, tax-paying adults gather in groups to don Princess Leia bikinis, naughty nursewear and giant foam butt suits.

It's the perfect storm - a chance to unleash political aggressions or stump for a favorite candidate. Last election, I saw a dude wearing a leafy bush covered in chains. Get it? Bush-Cheney? Har!

Typically, male political costumes are dull as Roberts Rules. A mask, a gray suit, a yawn. But this year, costume enthusiasts have been blessed with a glittery beacon of hope in stilettos -- Sarah Palin!

Katepalin4_2The guv'na makes an easy last-minute costume. In one day of shopping, we pulled together the ensemble modeled here by St. Pete Times copy editor and all-around good sport, Kate Brassfield. And guess what? It cost way less than $150,000! Read on, Palin fans (or foes), and find out how to get the look on your own.

THE SUIT: Red Sag Harbor blazer, $20 from Ross. The jacket came with a plaid skirt and a turtleneck, which Kate plans to donate to charity. For the costume, she paired it with a black dress from home.

Katepalin2_2THE KICKS: Red patent leather stilettos, $15 from Ross. You could slay a moose with that heel! Or...

THE ARTILLERY: Toy pop gun, $2.99 from iParty.

THE ACCESSORIES: Crystal elephant pin, $5 from Walmart. We had a hard time finding Palin's signature flag pins (Kate had the tiny one at home), so we made our own. The packet of patches and stick-on pin backs totaled about $10 at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts. Kate wore her own pearls.

Katepalin3_3THE SPECS: Costume glasses, $12 from Icing by Claire's. We also found some Palin-esque reading glasses at Dollar Tree, but they had magnified lenses and made things look wonky -- use with care when walking near the pool next to the guy in the inflatable sumo suit. Certain disaster.

THE PRETTY: We teased Kate's own hair into a Palin poof, brought the bangs forward and shellacked it with hairspray. If you're a towhead (or a dude), try the party store for a plain brown wig. Oh, and the lipstick came in a free gift set from Clinique. The shade is - of course - "Red Drama."

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

(Photos: Times pics by the amazing Scott Keeler!)

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