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Part 1: Designer jeans confusion



SevenforallmankindI've been steadfast about luxe jeans for several years now. I couldn't possibly spend a few HUNDRED dollars on jeans. Then one by one, my most austere friends broke down. Even the New York City girlfriend getting by on a teacher's salary managed to upgrade to a perfect curve-loving fit. I've been thinking ... maybe I'm missing out.

I own two pairs of Lucky Brand jeans, but neither is a great fit. One was a freebie from a friend, who had splurged on a skinny day only to realize that she'd never fit into them again. They're comfy, but one size too big on me for Baby's Got Back mojo. I scored the other pair on a clearance rack at Ross. The price was right at $30, but they don't maximize the junk in my trunk.

So I took the plunge this weekend ... and tried on a pair of 7 for All Mankind denim. They were kind of a deal at $130, after 30 percent off during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I was in such foreign territory that I had to ask a sales clerk where to find the premium jeans (between teeny-boppers and women's clothing, in a section appropriately named TBD).

LuckybrandjeansThe first pair I tried on hugged me in all the right ways around the hipster. So this is how Jennifer Aniston does it! I also was loving view from the gluteus maximus, as Coach Nelson taught me to call that posterier muscle in fifth-grade PE class. But my happy groove came crashing down around the feet. I had four inches of pant-leg mopping the dressing room floor!

Now I'm often mistaken for taller than my five feet, seven inches. I have long legs. I'm blessed with the ability to wear clothing without alterations. So if the Seven jeans didn't fit me, how many Amazon chicks are out there who can pull them off? Or are legions of women shelling out $200 for jeans -- and then taking them to be hemmed?

I've probably just given up my street cred to write about fashion with this post, but I'm clueless here. Can anyone help a girl out and explain the Sevens phenomenon?

~ Deal Diva Letitia clearly needs help .... Come back at noon, when Deal Diva Colleen will dish out the secrets to a designer denim splurge.

(Photos: Top, Sevens from Nordstrom, $125.90 during sale, $191 after. Bottom, Lucky Brand, Sunset Fit N Flare, $130.)

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