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Perfume roundup: BCBG MaxAzria Bon Chic, True Religion Love Hope Denim and Elizabeth Arden Pretty



Here's a recent shot from my desk, coming soon to an episode of Hoarders near you:


You'll notice a coffee cup, a bag of cough drops, an iPhone charger, a water tumbler I do not use nearly enough, and, oh yes, some perfume. These have been accumulating in the pile of stuff for a while now, so I thought I'd bring you a quick perfume review as best as I can through the screen, since you might have some gift cards burning in your pocket after the holiday. I think most of us prefer to pick out our own perfume, don't we?

BCBG MaxAzria Bon Chic, $55 to $75


These big plastic flower tops are way trendy right now. I'm expecting them to be eclipsed by, like, I don't know, glass eyeball stoppers or something in 2013. It's time for a new trick in bottle art, people. Anyway, in this case, the flower is accurate. Bon Chic has pink peony, orange blossom and violet working in there somewhere, though the most obvious scents are fruits like pear and raspberry. It's a tad on the sweet side, but great for a young person who is actually still sweet and hasn't been beaten down by the cruel mistress that is life.

True Religion Love Hope Denim, $59-$79


I couldn't figure out the name of this scent at first, because the words are sort of bursting all over the bottle like a distressed shirt from American Eagle. Love! Hope! Denim! Turns out, that is the name. The bottle is tad juvy, but it has a cute leather strap with dangling charms. The scent is prettttttttty sugary. It actually has caramel, brown sugar, vanilla and almond layers. Those things are delicious in my face and kitchen, don't get me wrong. I'm just not sure I want to smell like a praline. Maybe you do!

Pretty by Elizabeth Arden, $52-$65


I admit to being a curmudgeon and a cynic when it comes to a lot of things, scents included. I always brace myself to choke or gag or hurl it against the wall. So imagine my TOTAL DELIGHT when I sniffed Pretty and fell instantly in love. It is so fresh, you guys. It's simple and clean, and, well, PRETTY. Here's the description from Elizabeth Arden: "Irresistible. Charming. Feminine. Pretty is a spirited floral fragrance of exceptional charm that surrounds you and makes you smile." That's it. They didn't go on and on for six paragraphs about the subtle notes of cinnamon-soaked shoe leather and Cabernet residue. If you like things that are bright and not obnoxious or self-indulgent, I highly recommend Pretty.

You all get any perfume for the holidays? Do share.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photos: BCBG, True Religion, Elizabeth Arden

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