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POLL: Team USA's made-in-China, Euro-looking Olympic outfits




A fashion scandal is firing up Americans ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.


Classic American mega-designer Ralph Lauren is the official outfitter for Team USA. His designs for the team's opening ceremony apparel were revealed on Today last week and inspired by what the team wore for the 1948 games in England, executive vice president David Lauren explained on the show.

Well, obviously. Despite Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie's best efforts to pull off the beret, a lot of people of the Internet rolled their eyes at the headgear, the giant Ralph Lauren label and the overall European feel.

I'm not really here to trash the outfits. I mean, they're extremely preppy. But there are things to respect about a classic, very tailored look in a worldwide setting, yes? I love a good blazer, and we know how Deal Diva Kim feels about scarves.

Still, we know no one is taking that beret seriously. 

Back to the scandal. An ABC News report last week revealed the entire look carries a Made In China label. Yep, even the women's belts were outsourced.

The revelation sparked scathing TV commentary and rare bipartisan outrage on Capitol Hill. Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went so far as to call for the uniforms to be put in a pile and burned. Ouch.

Then CHINA got in the ring, calling the outrage "hypocritical" and suggesting American lawmakers ban themselves from wearing clothing not made in the USA.

"The Olympics spirit is all about separating sports from politics, but these U.S. politicians are going too far and trying to force a political tag onto the uniforms," the country's news agency said, according to Reuters.


Okay, sure, China. Tell that to the striped Banana Republic dress I wore to work today, purchased in America by my American cousin and given to me for free. 

Wait. Nevermind, China. It's made in Vietnam.

The controversy might be over soon now that Ralph Lauren has announced he will make future Olympic uniforms in the U.S. (his countract with the private U.S. Olympic Committee runs through 2020), even though they'll probably be more expensive. 

Personally, I'm ready for more stories about the tireless, can-do spirit of our athletes (like this one about a 22-year-old table tennis champion who will compete in the Olympics despite not having a forearm) and fewer about what they're wearing for opening ceremonies.

What do you think? Is it time to move on? Sound off in our poll! GO FOR THE GOLD.

Team USA Olympic uniforms
Should Team USA burn their Ralph Lauren Olympic uniforms just because they were made in China?
Yes. Those uniforms are unpatriotic!
Yes ... but because they are ugly.
No, this is normal in the fashion world. I dare you to stop using anything made in China.
I don't care. Let's talk about Ryan Lochte's abs.

Deal Diva Katie

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