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Preview of new Nicole Richie line for Macy's



I was JUST thinking the other day, "I miss Nicole Richie."

I see her every so often in a fashion mag or online, and I know she was on that show with Jessica Simpson that was too trainwrecky to even try. But I'm talking old-school Nicole Richie, the Nicole Richie from the Simple Life, the Nicole Richie who threw bleach on pool tables and rolled around a grocery store dressed as a giant Sonic cup. Out of all the overexposed early 2000s Hiltonian celebutantes, I always thought she was the most natural and entertaining. I will not lie.


So. Much. Denim.

Nowadays she's married with kids and whatnot, so I guess she's doing less rolling through the toilet paper aisle with Paris Hilton. But she's making a living for herself nonetheless. Her new venture is a partnership with Macy's, working with their series of designer capsules, Impulse. "Nicole Richie for Impulse only at Macy's" (no, seriously, that's what they're calling it, as if anyone would ever have time to say that whole thing) launches in 100 Macy's stores in September. The line will be full of 1970s prints and bohemian styles, which is Nicole's thing ever since she ditched the Ugg boots and black clip-in extensions of yesteryear. (R.I.P.).

Macy's sent over a couple sketches from the line. Prices will range from $49 to $149 (until they go on sale, natch). Let's look, yes?



Well. Ok. Looks pretty, but it's kind of hard to judge until we see that stuff on a hanger. Thoughts? Feelings? Which season of Simple Life was your fave? I think we can all agree it jumped the shark when they were flight attendants, right? Come on, don't leave me out here alone. Join me in my deep shame.

Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: Macy's, Times files

[Last modified: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 11:30pm]


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