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Product review: Neulash for eyelashes



On a recent afternoon my hubby paid me a compliment that sort of took me aback. "Your eyelashes look nice," he said.


That was a first.

I had to think a moment ... and then I remembered I'd been using Neulash. The company sent me a test sample of the eyelash treatment weeks ago.

Eyelash growth serums have been met with skepticism on this blog.

And I must say this post doesn't do much to change that tide. Even with my hubby's kind words, I'm not entirely sold on Neulash.

After about three weeks of using it (they recommend using it twice a day for 30 days for maximum results) I didn't really notice a marked difference in the length of my lashes. Although, towards the end two weeks they did seem a tad thicker. And this was around the time my hubby paid me the compliment.

Here's my main gripe about any sort of eyelash growth serum - it's too much work.

There were nights where I had to get up after drifting off to sleep because I forgot to apply Neulash to the base of my upper eyelid, like the directions say.

And for people who love an easy way out - like myself - mascara provides much more instant gratification. for a whole lot cheaper. Neulash retails for $150, while my favorite MAC mascara is a little more than $15. Better yet, my favorite fake eyelashes at MAC are only $10 and the application is FREE!

On the upside, Neulash didn't irritate my eyelashes like some claim other eyelash serums do, and it wasn't messy. So, if you have the time, dedication and dollars to grow your eyelashes, it might be worth it to give Neulash a try.

Deal Diva Nicole

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:23pm]


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