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Rain boots make me feel like I'm 5 years old



So it's RAINING. A-GAIN. weather.jpg

And once again, I'm wearing the wrong footwear -- wedge sandals with a suede sole -- for these kinds of elements. I must sit here and hope and pray I don't get sent outside on an assignment, 'cause there's nothing worse than cold, wet feet.

I thought for a half-second about buying a pair of cute rain boots from Target the last time I was there, but those didn't seem practical either. I mea41tjo11jsl._sl380_.jpgn, really? Rain boots? When am I ever walking out in the rain long enough for these to be practical? I can see if I lived in Oregon and walked to work every day, braving the daily 90 percent chance of showers. But in Florida, for the most part, the rain is pretty predictable and short-lived, even in the summer.

Still, rain boots are cute! I tried on this pair (left) of $19.99 Target pink polka dot boots and was overcome with the urge to run outside and jump in puddles. They made me think of soggy PB&J sandwiches, musty coat closets and alphabet soup.  I suddenly wanted to finger-paint, cut construction paper with safety scissors and take a nap on the floor.

But I didn't buy themsexyboots.jpg. I just don't know that I'd ever wear them. Maybe when summer comes. But then, won't they be hot? And I don't mean the good kind of hot.burberryboots.jpg

Apparently, women DO buy rain boots, and not only do they buy them, they shell out tons o' cash for super fashionable ones. Check out this super sexy Marvin K. zipper pair to the left for $325 (!!!) and these shiny $225 (!!!) Burberry gunmetal-looking ones to the right.

Stay dry out there, people!


Deal Diva Emily

Photos: Times photographer Steve Coddington,,

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