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Reader mail: Cute way to stash your cash?



I recently received a letter from a reader ... Oh, okay, it wasn't a letter, it was an instant message. And it wasn't a reader, it was a co-worker. We'll call her Schmileana Schmorales to protect her identity.

The message went something like: My wallet is falling apart. Any suggestions on where to get a cute new one?

Well, Schmilbirdwallet.jpgeana, it just so happens I could use a new wallet, too. My little Vera Bradley one is starting to look a little grubby and the stitching is coming apart.

If it's an emergency situation, you really can't go wrong with Target or TJMaxx, which seem to have the best and cheapest wallet selections. But if you've got some time to browse the Web and don't mind paying a few bucks in shipping costs, here are a few suggestions for super cute and trendy ways to carry around all those heaps of cash and platinum credit cards we know you all probably own., known for it's funky, gorgeous little dresses, has an assortment of cute wallets for under $30, like this bird wallet (above left) titled "Free At Last" for $27.99. I love their descriptions of their wares: " This marshmallow-hued wallet with juniper tree and brown bird print reminds you of him. Its front is adorned with his lovely portrait - a plump round bird with chartreuse beak and legs and stitched faux leather feather detailing - and its light pink and periwinkle polka-dotted interior compartments come complete with sewn-in areas for cards and a central zippered pocket." wovenwallet.jpg

Of course, there's always for a handmade, one-of-a-kind crafty deal. I like this one titled "Solid Gold" by "morewarped" ($23.50, right) but you sorta have to sift through a wallet search to find a style for you. It's pretty much all over the map and, honestly, you don't know what kind of quality you're going to get. But it feels good buying something by a handmade crafter ... assuming it's not, like, some major sweatshop corporation workers peddling wallets on Etsy, trying to pass themselves off as a cute girl with a cat sparklewallet.jpgwho makes wallets to pay her bills.

I've also had my eye on hard wallets, which look sturdier than my current wallet and and seem easier to find in my sea of pens, headbands, receipts and lip balms I have in my purse. This peach sparkle wallet (left) from seems to have everything you would ever want in a wallet, including sparkles, a window slip for your ID and a zip pouch for coins. Only $7.50 and it comes in silver and black, too.

Anyone else have any good wallet suggestions for Schmileana?


Deal Diva Emily


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