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Reader question: Did pantyhose make a comeback?



summer-pantyhose.jpgA loyal Deal Divas reader writes:

I read Deal Divas as often as I can, nearly daily. So, what's the current tend on hosiery? I'm 27 years old. There's been all this talk about how wearing hosiery is a definite fashion faux pas, absolute "no no", prohibited by Stacy London decree for all the land except maybe, possibly in the dead of winter only opaque black tights with long skirts and boots.

I recently went to a wedding in Hunters Green in early November. Very upscale, posh and elegant. I haven't had many opportunities to dress to the nines so to speak in a few years. So I went all out, new dress, handbag & shoes sans hose of any kind. The bridesmaids age range was 26 to 40 and they wore hose as well as the bride. All the female guests were wearing sheer hose in colors from nudes to tans and blacks, and many with some pretty killer sandals too. The women were in their 20's to older than 50.  There were even a couple of women wearing them with pants. I was at a table with 4 other couples, all women I work with (we work with the bride).

None of us are older than 32. I never saw a single one of them in hose before and I've known them for a few years. I was the only woman that wasn't wearing any.

I have to admit I felt nearly naked and almost embarrased. I had a fleeting thought to have my boyfriend drive me to the nearest Walgreens or CVS and buy a pair to put on. I thought hose were long gone.

Am I wrong? So what is a girl to do? Are hose coming back or have they been back and I deleted the memo?

Dear reader:

Thanks for writing in!

The simple answer to your question -- and it's a little annoying, I'm sorry to admit --  is pantyhose are personal. 

It depends on whom you ask. Since you asked us, we think it's reasonable to assure you that you weren't dressed down for your friend's wedding. It seems odd that all of your young friends wore pantyhose. I haven't done that as a bridesmaid or a wedding guest, and neither have my friends. We left it behind with our flouncy church gowns, you know? 

When Kate Middleton stepped out in nude panty hose this summer, we Deal Divas weren't mortified, but we thought the shiny, skintone look better suited for dancers in a kickline or anyone from the 1980s.

Your friends wore pantyhose with sandals, you say? That seems weird, webby and ill-advised. The tanning, slimming trick is up when you do that.

It's not that we missed the memo from the palace; we chose not to follow it. We deevs generally prefer playful, opaque, colored or textured tights. Tights conceal blemishes and pastiness and class up an outfit. See: Deal Diva Kameel this Monday, Deal Diva Stephanie the week before, and me the week before that.

Stilll, a lot of readers disagreed with our take on Kate's look. They rejoiced at her covered legs and said pantyhose are professional and polished.

zimbio.jpgNot only that, but a certain Old Gray Lady says Duchess Catherine's palace-protocol stockings are catching on.

The New York Times opined on the pantyhose trend earlier this month, calling hosiery "a bona fide style choice with long-forgotten cosmetic powers." Stars such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna are being photographed in some vein-free variations. Even Beyoncé doubles her hose for performances (fishnets over nude), the Times reported.

"Stockings give her the confidence she needs to go on stage," Heather Thomson, B's former stylist and founder of shapewear company Yummie Tummie, told the Times.

What do you think?

Are pantyhose fashionable and a must for formal occasions? Are bare legs passé or just as acceptable as ever?

Deal Diva Katie

Pictures: GeniusBeauty, Zimbio


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