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Restore your jewelry's shine for cheap



09dress.jpgAbout seven years ago, I received a beautiful pair of sterling silver earrings for my birthday.

I wore them often without a care in the world, including in 2009 to a party in Washington D.C.

How are you this evening, Mrs. First Lady? Oh, you love my earrings? Thank you so much, and may I just say, you would look fantastic with bangs. Trust me.

The night went something like that, I promise. Anyway, my boyfriend felt pretty proud of himself for picking out jewelry that I really liked without the assist from Pinterest. Rightfully so, I say.


Imagine my horrror when I found the earrings looking completely, inexplicably disgusting a couple of weeks ago.

What in the hot mess even happened?


Blerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg. By now you know I am not an expert in jewelry maintenance or restoration. Not knowing how to handle the situation -- or how to break the news to my BF that I probably ruined my most sentimental pair of earrings -- I tucked the danglies away in my jewelry box. Out of sight, out of mind, a problem for another day.

A week later, I found myself in the always tempting scarves/hats/purses/jewelry section at Target. Of all things, I brought this to the checkout line.


Connoisseurs, hmm? Curious, very curious. At $7 a pack, I thought it was worth a try.

I'm pleased with the results.


The earrings look new, and I didn't even have to Google "how to clean silver jewelry." (That's here, if you're interested, but it involves a silver cleaning cloth and silver-cleaning liquid.)

Now for some discussion points: Would you buy these dry cloths? Am I the last passenger on the Connoisseurs train?

Is there an even easier, cheaper way to clean your silver and gold?

Deal Diva Katie

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