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Return of the .... scrunchie!?!



Scrunchies Let's travel down memory lane: Remember acid-washed jeans, shoulder pads, teased bangs?

Who wasn't secretly glad when all were declared down for the count? Really, the only fashion relic worth mourning from that period was the humble, yet oh-so-practical scrunchie.

Now remember those movies about the freaky Chucky doll? Friday the 13th? You know where I'm going here: They're BAACCK...

The fashion gods are once again smiling on acid-washed jeans. Square shoulders are a runway rage. And while I pray that no one will feel nostalgic for AquaNet, there's a movement afoot to bring back the little fabric loop that practically ended Carrie's relationship with Berger in Sex and the City.

Yep, the scrunchie is staging a come-back.

I spotted them by the bin (see above photo as evidence) at  American Apparel, the everything's-a-tee shop that's still too cool for Tampa Bay. (It was high on my must-visit list during a recent vacation jaunt to Boston's Newberry Street, which has more to offer a fashion-phile than anything behind the pearly gates.)

The sales clerk told me that some customers are buying scrunchies to match the store's colorful leggings and other funky outfits. As in, they are wearing them out in public!!!

So rejoice, my fellow scrunchie-wearers in hiding. Don't pretend you're too good for a passe trend. We've all bought drug-store scrunchies -- in retched shades of black and brown -- because, let's face it, nothing does a better job of protecting against bedhead.

Come out of the closet now, if you dare. The scrunchie is again allowed to see the light of day. That is, if you believe in reliving the glory of acid-washed jeans, shoulder pads, and all the funky 80s/90s colors back on the scene. If not, you'll remember this too: Just say no.

You make the call: Yea or nay on the (public) return of the scrunchie?

~ Deal Diva Letitia


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