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Review: Bath and Body Works body splashpalooza

I've worn Bath and Body Works Rainkissed Leaves for almost two years now. Here's the initial glowing post I wrote way back in 2008, before we had electricity or a cotton gin. I find it just as potent as perfume, and it's so much cheaper than toilet water from the department store counter.

Recently, I sauntered (well, walked) past a coupla homeless guys. They kindly commented on my perfume, which made me A) aware that I hadn't changed it up in a while and B) paranoid that I had become the person you dread sitting by at the theater. I ran into the office and splashed water on my neck.

That week, I stopped in Bath and Body Works to investigate new scent options. I bought three mini travel bottles for $10 total and proceeded to test them through the week. Here are the results:

Butterfly Flower

Butterfly flower 
Where do they come up with these names? What does that even mean, Butterfly Flower? Anyway, the name fits, I guess. Very flowery, but pretty all the same. Made me feel like I was prone in a field of poppies, dreaming of puppies and rainbows and pay raises. A little floofy, but not bad.

Sweet Pea

Sweet pea 
This one has been around forever, and a lot of people love it. My reaction? SWEET. TOO SWEET. PEA IS TOO SWEET. It smells like melted lollipops. I feel a little grown to douse myself in the wares of Ye Old Bath and Body Works Candy Shoppe, but maybe you disagree.

Moonlight Path

Moonlight path 
WHAT THE... All day, I felt like I was 98 years old browsing the soup aisle for dented cans. Too much powder, too much musk, too many moth balls, too much Murder She Wrote. No, no, no. If I wore this on a moonlit path, all the nearby flora would surely die.

Conclusion? I'm sticking with what I know. Rainkissed Leaves, come back to mama.

What are your fave Bath and Body Works scents?

Deal Diva Stephanie

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