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Review: Big Sexy Sterile-Smelling Hair



Hairspray2_2When it comes to hairspray, I want it to be cheap, smell good and hold strong. I usually end up with, you know, Essence of Tresse-Aussie Herbal Suavenesse Pro-V.

But I've always been intrigued by a single canister holding court at the top of the shelf at Target. It's HUGE, it's RED, and it says this: BIG SEXY HAIR. This appeals to my most primordial Dolly Parton, and eventually, I had to have it.

I shelled out $15 bucks, ran home, and tore off the cap, bracing to be seductively transmogrified by the exotic scent of, uh, burnt sienna fairy dust, or whathaveyou.

It smells like an operating room.  I'm SO MAD.

For $15 dollars, howzabout a drop of essential oil? A sprig of jasmine? A dollop of mango madness? A crumble of vanilla ladyfinger?Bigsexyhair

That said, the stuff could hold up in a Weather Channel maelstrom exclusive, which, given my job as a journalist in Florida, could one day come in handy.  I'll just have to pack perfume.

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:09pm]


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