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Review: Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color

When I was in college, I remember trying to help a friend highlight her blonde hair, and what an exercise in tedium it was. That dumb plastic bonnet. The tiny holes where you poke a little crochet hook and pull out tiny sprigs of hair. The strong, smelly chemicals that you smear over it all. And at the end, she pretty much looked the same.garnier.jpeg

I have naturally almost-black hair with the occasional silver sprouts (I'm getting so, so old) which I cover with a semi-permanent wash at Wicked Salon every couple months. It fades pretty quickly, but the semi-permanent color is more gentle and doesn't alter my natural color too much, so I can use it more often.

Recently, though, I became frustrated at how quickly the grays reappeared and decided to take matters into my own hands. I first researched at and saw that Garnier Nutrisse got pretty good reviews, scoring high in smell, ease and hair softness. When I went to CVS, I saw they had a new kind of color called Ultra Color: "designed to transform dark hair with ultra-reflective tones - in just one easy step!" I picked out something called Auburn Black. From the box, it just looked like dark brownish black, with maybe a hint of red.

It was as easy to use as promised and smelled fine, sort of nice, actually. You basically use the gloves in the box, mix and apply it from a bottle with a little applicator tip and rub it through your hair as thoroughly as possible. Then set the timer for 30 minutes, rinse it out and finish with a packet of Garnier Nutrisse conditioner. The blow-dried result was a reddish purple-tinted black that toned down with a few washes to a nice, rich brunette that looks slightly reddish in the sun.

Warning: After that first rinse, my nice, newly re-glazed white bathtub looked like someone murdered the Kool-Aid Man and hid the body. I had to quickly wipe up the splatters of red-violet dye before they stained, and the ones I missed had to be hit with the Clorox Bleach pen. Even this morning, I noticed there's still a faint trace of pink in the water I squeezed from my wet hair, and it's been 10 days now. I don't know if it's because my hair doesn't hold red very well or what, though I'm happy with how it looks at the moment. Here's a pic. I give Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color a B+ and would definitely buy it again, though I'll probably go back to Wicked for my next touch-up, just to save my tub from any more mayhem.

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