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Ross Shoe Week, Dress Week, Don't Forget Your Wallet Week



So, I'm in Ross, right? I find a pair of totally cute brown Aerosoles wedge sandals that would be PERF for my upcoming vacays this summer. These, to be exact. Comfy, springy, non-fugly, non-orthopedic, marked down to $21.99. WINNER!

I wait in a long mothereffing line, get to the register, plop the things down. Girl rings them up, I grab my wallet, flip it open, and...


I remember in horror how the day before, I had handed off my essentials to my boyfriend to carry in his ample pockets (Ample Pockets - band name alert!) while we trekked through the zoo on a family outing. Who wants to lug a purse around in 85 degree temps? And natch, I forgot to get them back the next day. Not only was I driving illegally, I had no money.

I stammered something about "other jeans pockets," and "zoo," a line of impatient bargain shoppers staring me down with daggers. There was no getting around it. I sighed and just walked out. I was THAT PERSON. I felt like Oliver Twist.

Oliver twist

The lesson here? Don't forget your debit card when you go to Ross this week. It's Shoe Week and Dress Week, meaning tons of new arrivals at deep discounts. You may even see the shoes I wanted. I haven't had the strength to go back.

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

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