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Sampling Queen: EcoTools, Philosophy



Ecotools I've been hard at work bathing myself. Aren't you glad? Say we get seated together at a soccer match, and my fave team scores, sending me into wild, arms-up glee of GOOOOAAAALLL!!  Since I've been bathing so much, I won't offend your nostrils!

Of more importance, though, are the products up for review. On the chopping block this week: EcoTools, a brand of Earth-friendly beauty stuff available at Walgreens in the $8-$15 range. Slogan: "Bring the green into your shower scene."

Ugh. The poor folks at EcoTools probably approached the wrong gal. I'm not what you'd call an environmental steward. The whole "go green" mantra actually bugs me. It's just too much. Like... OK, say you walk through a grassy field, and those little prickly spurs stick in the bottom of your jeans, and you spend 20 minutes plucking them, and you put your jeans through the wash, and then a week later you find MORE PRICKLY SPURS, and you realize they have taken over your life, and FRENCH TOAST, now they're also stuck in your carpet. That's how "go green" feels to me. Incessant. Annoying. We get it.

Still, I can't hate on something just because it has broad, overbearing intentions. So here are my honest thoughts on the products:

The "Blooming Planet" body mist, my fave, smells so pretty and clean. I've kept it in my car for last minute spritzes before work. The "Clean Skin, Cleaner World" (seriously?) body wash has a nice lather. The "Sustainable Softness" (kill me now) body lotion and "One Hand Helps the Other" (whhhyyy) hand cream smell more, uh, wood-ish, more lumberjacky. I want something more feminine. I don't want to smell like a cedar chest of drawers. The lotions are rich and smooth, but take a while to absorb. The "Love Heels All" (I just can't deal with this) heel cream is sort of brisk, thick and menthol-y. Nice.

All in all, it's a nice drug store brand, a good gift for the budding granola in your life -- that is, if you can stomach the preaching messages on the bottles:

"By timing your shower and keeping it under five minutes, you can save up to 1,000 gallons of water a month." Or... "If everyone viewed and paid their bills online, instead of printing, we could keep over 18.5 million trees growing each year."


Mintchoc I recently switched from EcoTools to a bottle of Philosophy's Mint Chocolate Chip body wash/shampoo/bubble bath, $16.99 at Target. It smells exactly like it sounds (delicious), and it also comes with a message on the bottle -- a recipe for ice cream!

That, I can appreciate.

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: EcoTools, Target

BONUS: Here's a video of ABBA singing Dancing Queen. If you replace the word "dancing" with the word "sampling," you'll have the same song that's been raging through my head all day! Enjoy!

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