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Sarah Palin, fashion sensation?



Naughtymonkey_4 Women are clamoring to look like Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin, the Wall Street Journal reports. They're snapping up her glasses, lipstick and shoes. They're asking hairdressers to recreate her topsy tail, and even buying Sarah Palin wigs. Creepy. I had a nightmare where 300 women with shellacked French twists chased me off a cliff.

I love her signature shoes - 3.5-inch red peep-toe patent-leather pumps from Naughty Monkey. Get them for $89.95 at I think they're pretty sophisticated, but the Journal reports that the shoes are geared toward "women in their early to mid-20s who go clubbing." In my case, totally right, if "clubbing" means "eating handfuls of chocolate chips on the couch while watching 'To Gillian on her 37th Birthday.'"

Palin1 Palin looks great on the whole. I'm glad to see a woman in power not afraid to embrace femininity and show a little toe. I've always maintained that women can be stylish and sexy AND serious and intelligent.

That said, I think she needs to mellow the FLDS-looking poof. And that oatmeal-colored convention speech jacket looked like the clingy underside of a bath mat. Sorry, she's still fair game.

Note: use discretion when Googling the phrase "naughty monkey." Just sayin.' *awkward*

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

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