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Sarah Palin's $150K shopping spree



Palinstyle_4Reality is so much better than reality TV.

Hockey Mom Sarah won a $150,000 shopping spree for herself and her family, courtesy of the Republican Party. Shop, baby, shop!

So how far does $75,000 go at Needless Markup ... ahem ... Neiman Marcus? What about $49,500 at Saks Fifth Avenue?

Sharpen your nails, divas. One day, you're in. The next day, you're out.

“My first reaction when I heard about this was, ‘Honey, I could have dressed you for a lot less than that,’ ” Cindi Leive, the editor in chief of Glamour magazine tells the New York Times today.

“In general, she looks terrific,” Leive says, “but if you asked me to figure out where the $150,000 went, I’m not sure I could tell you.”

Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan is aggrieved that Palin's makeover flies in the face of her carefully cultivated every woman image. Does Joe the Plumber shop at Saks? You betcha ... NOT.

"They couldn't have popped into J. Crew or Ann Taylor?" Givhan writes. "On 'What Not to Wear,' Clinton and Stacy manage to build an entire wardrobe for their client for a mere $5,000."

A mere $5,000? I won't calculate how many YEARS I would have to work to earn $150,000. It would just be too sad.

PalinvalentinoBut what is truly stunning is that Palin didn't get more bang for her buck. Her style is smart, but uninspired. Remember the oatmeal jacket from the RNC convention? Turns out, it was a $2,500 Valentino. We could have done just as well at Target for a fraction of the cost.

Perhaps the true tragedy is that our hockey mom didn't even get to enjoy her glam girl shopping spree. The clothes were picked out by consultants and have to be returned to the GOP, which will be donating them to charity.

Hoping they'll turn up at your favorite thrift store? Check out what styles to look for in this slideshow of Palin's fashions.

-- Deal Diva Letitia

(Photos, Sarah Palin on the campaign trail, left, and at the Republican convention, right.)

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:11pm]


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