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Sarah Palin's a big deal, but....



Sarah_palin3224x300 From the Internet to television to radio to the little old lady in the grocery store line, the talk of the town is Sarah Palin and her ascension to John McCain's vice presidential running mate.

Was she the right pick? Will she get those Hillary votes? Will having a preggers 17 year old daughter affect the race?

Very valid questions, I might add. But I can't help but think: What's the deal with the hairdo?

Now, if my Blue Dress post is any indication, I will probably be stripped of my shoe-buying privileges for a year and stoned in the town square for asking this question. I'll be accused of being shallow and only concerned with outward appearances.

To that I say bring it on!. I promise I'll go on to post another day, because this is, in fact, a fashion blog. And that's what we do here.

So back to my question...what is the deal with Palin's hair?  Now I know she's got five kids and a husband and runs a big state with bears and ice and whales, but has she not gotten the memo: 1993 high school principal hair is so 15 years ago. Sarahpalin240x300

From my analysis I think Palin's wearing one of these ponytail deals. I have no problem with fake hair: If you bought it, it's yours, baby! But in Palin's case, I object.

She's a pretty lady with a classic All-American "My mom made chocolate chip pancakes today and yours didn't!!!" look.  My only hope is that maybe Cindy McCain will get in her ear this week at the convention and school her a bit. Or maybe Laura B. will introduce her to the no-nonsense haircut.

SobamahairlargeOr better yet, Michelle Obama could do her a big favor and slip her the number of Johnny Wright, the Frederic Fekkai stylist who does her mane.


None of this will probably happen, but a girl can dream...

Bring on the stones.

~ Deal Diva Nicole


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