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Sassy shoe stories = free loot



Boots_2 In junior college, I worked in a mall CD store. I must've had a particularly late night of Diet Coke and liberal arts studies, because one morning, while stocking horrific Kid Rock discs and popping gum, I glanced down.

I had on TWO DIFFERENT SHOES. High-heel boots, no less. Somehow, I managed to zip up said boots, walk out the door and drive to work without noticing. I called my brother in a frenzy, woke him up, and directed him to my closet, to PLEASE LORD, just bring me a boot. Any boot. Chances were good I was wearing the other.

An hour later, he wandered confused into the mall, holding a random boot and scowling. Thanks, Jer!

So, there's my best shoe story. Rack Room Shoes wants yours for their Best Loved Shoes Sweepstakes. They're seeking stories and pics behind your fave shoes: the pair from your wedding that your drunk Uncle Charlie ruined with Merlot; the sweaty jelly sandals that gave you hives. Good memories, too. I think our friend Lauren should enter with the tale of her Manolos!

If you win, you'll get a $250 shoe voucher from Rack Room and a Polaroid digital camera. Runners-up get a $50 voucher and the camera. To enter, go to and click on Best Loved Shoes.

~ Deal Diva Stephanie

Photo: Times files

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