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Scarves: Great neckwear, but they kind of get in the way



Scarf I'm somewhat obsessed with scarves this fall. They scream effortless chic. They add a dash of color. They offer so many possibilities, not the least of which is hiding that toothpaste you dribbled on your shirt during the morning brush.

But each time I wear one of these lovely swaths of fabric around my neck, I face a small dilemma. Scarves just kind of, well, get in the way.

I really only notice this problem when I eat and wash my hands. Worried that my scarf is a magnet for food stains, I usually end up taking it off at mealtimes. Sure that it will soak up all the standing water around the bathroom sink, I throw my scarf over my shoulder while my hands undergo the anti-swine flu scrub.

Men, is this what you face when you wear neckties? Is this why I sometimes see you tucking your tie between the buttons of your shirt? This isn't a national crisis or anything, but I'm wondering if there is a better way of dealing with this slight neckwear nuisance. (And don't bother suggesting that I ditch the scarves. That is not an option.)

Deal Diva Colleen

(Photo: Rainbow stripe gathered scarf, $16.95, from New York & Company)

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