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In search of the perfect false eyelashes




So eyelash1.jpgmy band will be playing in the Antiwarpt Music Festival in St. Pete this Saturday -- not promotin', just sayin' -- and I'm thinking about busting out the fake eyelashes for full dramatic stage effect. This is always a tricky venture. I love the way fake eyelashes sex up the eyes when done correctly. But I have yet to come up with a good technique for applying them. I always wind up with glue on my fingertips, one lashline higher than the other, and in the end, it's an unexplained miracle if they look halfway symmetrical and stay put all night.

There are a number of various tools and contraptions out there, designed to make lash-applying easier, but I'veyelash.jpge found that nothing is as precise as my own opposable-thumbed hands. And then there's the matter of the lashes themselves: I've made many a poor lash-buying decisions, fooled by how pretty they all look fanned out in the packaging. The long, wispy ones look like they'd be beautiful, but then I put them on and I can barely see the thin little spaced-out strands. Thicker, more dramatic ones are the way to go. But too thick, and it feels like you have stiff, black visors weighing down your eyes.

The best ones for me seem to be the half-length ones that sort of flare out in the corners. Sephora used to have eyelash2.jpgsome that were perfect, but I can't remember the brand and I don't see them on the website anymore. Urban Decay and Make Up For Ever have amazing selections, including some crazy ones with pink feathers and glittery beads. At an average of $10-15 a pair, I don't want to risk the wrong ones. The individual sprigs of lashes look tempting but seem like a lot of work.

Anyway, if anyone has any good false eyelash tips to make my rock show a stunning success, send 'em my way!

Deal Diva Emily




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