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Shampoo: Is less really more? Ask Jessica...




Seriously, how often do you wash your hair? Should you take cues from Jessica Simpson and hardly ever wash?

My hair stylist, Kelly Alexander at Tribeca salon in south Tampa, has tried to ween me from daily shampooings for more than a year now. She says breaking the habit will yield to longer, stronger, less frizzy tresses.

“The grease from your head is probably the best conditioner your hair could ever have,” she swears.

I’ve tried to cut back to shampooing every other day, but my fine hair usually ends up in a slick shiny ponytail by the end of the second day.

Kelly says blow drying at the root after washing and pulling back day old bangs will keep the grease under control. If hair is smelly, she recommends a good rinse and a dab of light conditioner to de-stink.

And when you do shampoo, she says, focus on washing just the scalp, not the hair.

Am I the only one who has to have the shampoo pried from my hands? What do you, fair readers, do to combat grease and that funky old hair smell?

~ Guest Deal Diva Helen Anne Travis

(Photo: Getty Images. According to Star magazine, Simpson only shampoos a few times a month. Jess hides the grease with hats and hair extensions, but we’re sure you readers have more practical advice.)

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:13pm]


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