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Shapewear: Pretty on the outside, awkward underneath



Bridgetjones You know how it goes. You're at a wedding. You're drinking lots of wine. Inevitably, you need to go to the bathroom.

But therein lies the conundrum.

It took a good five minutes to squeeze into the shapewear that hides beneath your bridesmaid gown to make you look beautifully lump and bump-free. You ask yourself: Is it worth the trouble to wiggle out of the skin-tight contraption, or should you just pray for super-human bladder strength? You drink another glass of wine to mull over these inconvenient options.

Ah, the irony. In order to look good on the outside, we deal with discomfort underneath. Men would never subject themselves to such ridiculousness.

A recent Wall Street Journal story delved into the troubles of shapewear, which apparently manufacturers are trying make more aesthetically pleasing and easier in general to navigate. The opening scene sounds like something straight out of Bridget Jones's Diary. This is an occasion for genuinely tiny knickers...

Deal Diva Colleen

(Photo: Universal Studios' Bridget Jones and her not-so-tiny knickers.)

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:21pm]


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