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Shoes sans laces: fug or fab?

You may remember the happy ending to my quest for oxford shoes a while back. Well, there's been a plot twist as of late.

The other day I went to lace up the comfy flats when the left lace broke right off. (It seems all those strength-training classes at the gym are working.) I tried to use the lace from a different shoe, but the oxfords' lace holes are too dainty for anything else. Ready to give up and go buy new laces at Aldo, I took a look at my unlaced left shoe. Not so bad. I tried it on, and low and behold, it still stayed on my foot just fine.

No-lace, slip-on shoes are everywhere these days -- Toms, Keds, booties, you name it. Why can't my oxfords jump on the bandwagon?

So I took the right lace out, too, and wore them to work to test them out. I brought a spare pair of sandals in my purse that day just in case, but ended up not using them! My oxfords were comfier than ever, and nobody gave me any strange looks. In fact, I even got a complement  from a coworker.

But I won't be satisfied till I get approval from my all my divas out there. Check it out and give it to me straight: fug or fab?

shoes.jpgDeal Diva Kim

[Last modified: Thursday, July 7, 2011 10:26am]


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