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Shoppers unite: Let's demand a Bill of Rights



BillofrightsI slumped, red-faced, into a store to make my third exchange in two days. I braced for THE LOOK. You know, when a sales clerk's face says, seriously, you're returning a $10 sweater? Again?

Let no budget-conscious fashionista be embarrassed from this day forth. We at the Deal Divas are launching a petition. We demand a Shopper's Bill of Rights.

Take heed, sales clerks and store managers. We, the customer, hereby declare the following rules to be the law of the land:

1. As long as I have a receipt, I'll return as many times as I like. Deal with it. Politely.

2. When I say, "I'm just looking," leave me the heck alone.

3. Smile when I proceed straight to the discount rack in back. A sale is a sale.

4. Don't make gushing comments about how good I look in the dressing room. I know you're fishing for a sale. Also, don't ask, "How are you doing?" You sound like my mom, checking up in a public restroom.

5. Don't judge me by my grubby jeans and workout shoes. (Listen up, International Plaza employees.) Remember Pretty Woman? I may be a hooker or a housewife, but you have no idea how much cash I'm prepared to drop.

What other rights do shoppers deserve? Sound off, and be heard. (Store reps read this blog, too!)

~ Deal Diva Letitia

[Last modified: Thursday, May 20, 2010 5:13pm]


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