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Short hair on women: Yea or Nay?



So, what does everyone think of short hair on women?

I'm currently debating hacking all my hair off into some sort of short, funky thing. Summer is coming, my hair grows fast, and all I can bring myself to do right now is twist my long hair into a bun. It's just so much work, washing and conditioning and combing and drying and styling and brushing all day. I had a pixie cut back in the day and adored it, but I was 18 then and much more impulsive and, you know, skinny. I'm leaning toward just going for it again, because we do only live once, but I'm interested to know what y'all Divas think. Let's look at some celebs for inspiration.

Carey Mulligan


She's so cute and waifish. Not sure I dig the straight-across bangs, but this really makes her stand out from the crowd, I think. Look at her face. She's all, "I know you be thinkin' of poaching my hair. Best back off and get your own." Sorry, dude.

Halle Berry


As we've discussed, Halle Berry is the most beautiful woman in the world, so I don't even know why I'm bothering to post this. Of course it looks good on her. So would a dead muskrat. Next.

Ginnifer Goodwin


Hmm. I think I liked her with short hair at one point, and then she started Biebing out the front and now I'm not so sure. She certainly is very pretty, and it shows off her eyes. But. Hm.

Emma Watson


My goodness, this takes stones. So SHORT. I wouldn't go this wispy, namely because I don't have that face, but you have to admire a girl for going all-in. Also, one of the things that appeals to me about short hair is having the chance to decorate it with pretty baubles and random flowers and feathers. Just clip and go!



Hot. Sexy. Fierce. She will cut you. Love it.

What do y'all think? Don't hold back. Not that you ever do.

Deal Diva Stephanie

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