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Study: Average woman spends $103K on clothes over lifetime



shopbagsistock_0.jpgIf there are two things we over here at Deal Divas believe in, it’s this: Turning heads and spending as little money as possible inducing whiplash in others.

Well, a new study shows that the average woman (some of us included??) is not so successful in that endeavor.

Media reports  circulating  the web lately have referenced research by Sure Women Linen Dry which contends that the typical woman will spend over $103,000 on clothing in her lifetime – yet 60% still complain about having nothing to wear!

To break that down, reports say, that equals an average of 3,109 items including 271 pairs of shoes, 185 dresses and 145 handbags.

That’s not all. The study also reportedly revealed that:

  • 14% of women surveyed confessed to having hidden purchases from their partners
  • 10% admitted buying at least one accessory or clothing item each week in the middle of the day to avoid going home to change before an event held after work
  • Women over 55 tended to have spent less over the years than their younger counterparts – about $79,000. Women under 25 were generally on par to spend more over the course of their lives – to the tune of $161,000.

Now, reports say the researchers studied 1,000 adult British women. But I – and I’m sure others – can relate. We’ve all stood in front of the closet in the morning or on Friday night wondering why nothing seems to match.

Julie Spearman, Sure for Women assistant brand manager, says the reason is simple: “Women never seem to have enough clothes. Many feel the pressure to keep up with ever-changing fashions and this means they’re always buying something new.”

How accurate do you think the study is on measuring female spending habits?

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[Last modified: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 3:10pm]


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