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Stylish helmet... an oxymoron?



THANK YOU, weather gods, for hearing my plea! It's finally nice and cool outside. So nice that I pretty much spent my whole weekend outside and only broke the puniest of sweats -- and that was only during the most vigorous part of a daylong bike ride.

Haven't you heard? Biking is totally stylish now. All the cool girls are doing it. Of course, my noble steed (1980s white Fuji beach cruiser) and I knew that long before the New York Times told us so, but no bother. We're happy to pedal along with the trendsetters.

kimbike.jpgThere's just one problem:

"Where is you helmet, young lady?"

That was my mother's comment after my sister posted this photo from our weekend ride (left) on Facebook.

Where's my helmet? It's buried with the rest of my middle school embarrassment. You'll probably find my retainer and neon green platform sandals there too. And while you're foraging, would you mind feeding my Tamagotchi? Thanks.

But, sigh, Mom's got a point.

And so my research began.

At first I wanted something super sleek and simple. No flying buttress-like air vents or side mirrors, please.  Something like this one from Gyro (below left) on sale for $32 on Amazon or this Bell helmet (below right) also on sale for $60.








Then I saw these.

Billed as "brainwear for smart people," YAKKAY helmets are causing quite the stir on the biker blogosphere. Why? Oh boy. You've got to hear this one... they are helmets that look like.. wait for it... HATS!


What? You're not jumping out of your chair? Yeah, me neither.

It's not that plaid bucket hats aren't TOTALLY RAD or anything. It's just that, well, if you're going to wear a helmet, just wear the darn thing... am I right? (Although that one seductive photo at the bottom left almost gave me pause. "Oh baby, I love the shiny buckle on your chin strap. Now let me help you roll up your pant leg on the greasy chain side...")

So then I got thinking. Instead of wearing a helmet that tries too hard to disguise itself, what about sporting headgear that screams loud and proud, "Yes, I'm wearing a helmet! Yes, my mother can sleep at night!"

Like these from Nutcase:







I like that they're sleek AND have personality. You can't buy them on the Web site (really, Nutcase? Get with the program), but there are plenty out there on Amazon and eBay... mostly for around $50.  I like the bright yellow and the watermelon ones.

What do you think? 

How about you, Mom?

Deal Diva Kim

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