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Super low skinnies - will we be seeing more of them this spring?



Let me be clear. I love hearing about the next fad or style just like any other healthy fashion-obsessed person.

But really, there are some trends I can live without.

Case in point: super skinny low slung jeans.

tr_lowskinnies-1.jpgApparently, they're making a comeback (according to the folks over at, who made up the collage of photos you see to your left.)

Maybe my negative feelings about this are a manifestation of my chilldhood resentment of my skinny and tall older sister. (We're cool now. Love you sis ;)

Maybe its just a curvy girl's rant.

Maybe it's just Crabby Morning Thursday.

Yes, they look amazing on a select few, but I for one don't want to think about the days when I tried in vain to squeeze into tight pants that always felt like they were THIS CLOSE to falling a little too low.

(I'm talking to you, middle school self.)

What say you, readers? Am I off base here?

Or will you all be smug in your hip hugging skinnies this spring while the rest of us (ME) huff and puff down the street in our boring, regular jeans?

-Deal Diva Kameel


[Last modified: Thursday, March 1, 2012 9:16am]


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