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Tall girls, say yay! Introducing Long Tall Sally



LTS Dian blouse $45 Yesterday, Deal Diva Dalia discussed the fashion woes that come with being on the short side. Well, we tall gals can totally relate with such frustration. On my 5-foot-9 frame, regular pants often end up looking like high waters and "tall" sizes are way too long.

But wait! There's a new kid in Retail Town promising better fits for those of us who are tall but not giants. Long Tall Sally, a veteran British retailer, is stepping into the U.S. market with brand-name merchandise (Citizens of Humanity, J Brand, Splendid, etc.) and private-label apparel designed especially for women who stand 5-foot-8 and taller.

What makes Long Tall Sally worth checking out? We chatted last week with Lisa Butcher, a 6-foot former magazine covergirl and host of "Britain's Next Top Model" who now serves as the face of the online retailer and designs a capsule collection called "Lisa Loves." The Londoner was in New York City to film an appearance on the Martha Stewart Show. The show, all about being tall, airs Thursday and marks Long Tall Sally's official U.S. debut.

What makes Long Tall Sally different than typical retailers who offer “tall” pant sizes?

It’s because all over it fits. Not just the arms and the sleeve length. The ride in the front and the back of the jeans, they are longer.

I’ve always had problems buying jeans. If I do get them the right length, which is quite rare, they’re too short in the body for me. So when I bend over, I’m literally mooning everyone.

So we thought it’d be best to get a pair of jeans that actually fit properly and actually has a bit of elastin in it, so it’s comfortable at the same time. My big thing is, you know, you can be stylish but you can also be comfortable. They’re not mutually exclusive to one another.

LTS Belton dress $95 Can you offer some fashion tips for taller frames?

Stand tall. Be proud of your height. For me growing up, I found it very, very difficult, and I consequently ended up sort of not having the best posture until I started walking down catwalks and I learned how to stand properly. You’re going to stand out anyway, so you might as well make the most of it.

For every woman who’s dressing, it’s all about the underwear you wear. If you have a bit of a tummy or your butt’s a bit saggy, wear underwear that would support that and sort of suck you in and lift you, and it will give you great silhouettes under your clothes. 

Taller women, often they have bigger feet because they’re tall, and if you have small feet you might fall over. Therefore, if you do have bigger feet and you’re conscious of your feet, don’t wear skinny jeans. Wear things that would be larger around the ankles so therefore it hides your feet more.

Do you have that issue?

No, I’m quite fortunate actually. I don’t have very big feet. But that means I fall over. (She wears an American size 8 or 8 1/2.)

Should tall women wear short skirts?

Gosh yes, of course! If you’ve the legs, show them off. Absolutely.

How do you do it tastefully?

Well, it all depends what you wear it with. If you’re wearing a short skirt, don’t sort of get your boobs out. If you’re showing your legs, sort of cover up more on top.

It also depends what shoes you’re wearing. If you’re wearing sort of strappy stilettos that are a bit cheap looking, the whole outfit’s going to look cheap.

Whatever asset you have, show it off. But do it in a tasteful way.

Anything else about Long Tall Sally that American women should know?

It’s a boutique catalogue. I don’t like everyone wearing the same thing as me. I like to sort of stand out. Wearing these clothes, you’re going to stand out for your style, not just for your height.

Deal Diva Colleen

(Photos: Courtesy of Long Tall Sally. The LTS Dian blouse is $45 and the LTS Belton dress is $95.)

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