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Taylor Swift wears a light-colored sequined dress at an awards show. Again.



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This is a fashion blog, and so we analyze what people wear, but I still feel like this needs a hearty preface. Congrats to Taylor Swift on her big CMA award Wednesday, which my pal Sean Daly readily predicted. I'm actually a big Taylor Swift fan. I got the chance to review her concert in 2008, which was suh-weet. I jam to her album in the car all the time. I think she's refreshingly cute and non-slutty. Her songwriting skillz are hot. She's dating the sex machine from Twilight. She did a great Shakira impression on SNL last week. Basically, I want to be her. So don't take this the wrong way...

Girlfriend needs a new dress. 

At face value, the dress she wore Wednesday (above) is gorge. It's glittery, and if anyone here at Deal Divas loves glitter and has two thumbs, it's this girl. But here's the thing. Taylor wears a dress like this to almost EVERY EVENT. It's sparkly. It's neutral. It's princess-y.

Exhibit A: The MTV Awards heard round the world. Here, you'll notice Kanye West addressing Taylor with his crazy eyes, pleading that she please consider color next time she's gonna steal an award from Beyonce.

Taylor and kanye 

Exhibit B: Taylor at the 2009 CMT Awards. Angelic and beautiful, yes, but mother of pearl all the same. I'd even go for a good, old-fashioned 80s country bolo tie or a teal rancher shirt at this point, just for a little variety.

Swift CMT 

Exhibit C: Taylor at the American Music Awards. I never -- and I mean EVER -- thought I'd say this, but... LAY OFF THE SEQUINS.

Taylor silver AMA 

Knowing what looks good on your body is one thing, but here is my concern with Tay-Tay. Because I'm such a fan, I feel somewhat big-sisterly in this capacity. She is 19, and I fear that she's going to get so burned out on the Cinderella gimmick that she'll spiral shamelessly in the direction of leather riding crops and denim thongs and general Los Angeles Lohanity. I think she needs to gradually explore some fun, mature variety on the red carpet before she gets frustrated and finds herself strewn across a bar covered in limes. I honestly only want the best for her.

Am I off base here? Would you wear silver sequins every day if you could? It's a valid argument.

Deal Diva Stephanie

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